Do you really want to marry a gamer?

I want to start by saying not every gamer is the same and therefore not every life of a gamer’s wife is the same. Some get ignored constantly because their husbands do nothing but game as soon as they get home from work, assuming they have a job. Because not all gamers do. Some play games just as much as their spouse and with their spouse. And then there is my gamer, he loves to play but he spends quite a bit of time with me, his not so much of a gamer wife.

I like some gaming but I’m super picky about what I play and honestly get bored easily with it. So unless he’s wanting to kick my ass at Mario Kart, which he ALWAYS does, we don’t game together.

When we got together I knew he gamed and was perfectly fine with it. I like being alone, but not really alone. I love sitting in the living room with a good tv show, book or crochet project (and of course my wine) and be able to do my own thing. But I know he’s right there if I need him. When he takes breaks he comes to talk to me and kiss me and I know he’s thinking of me, even though he’s been saving the world in the other room for the past hour. But the best part, is he takes as many nights off from gaming to be with me as he spends gaming. It’s equal time and that I can’t complain about.

It’s not like that for everyone though. I know some people feel like their spouse doesn’t help them or pay them any attention because their gamer spends most of their time playing, but my gamer helps with the house stuff and the paying attention stuff. I consider myself very lucky to be the wife of this gamer.

My advice for anyone thinking of marrying or committing to a long term relationship with a gamer, is ask yourself if you’re really ok with it for the rest of your life. They aren’t going to change after marrying just because you thought they’d “grow out of it.” If anything, the older they get the more expensive their gaming gets. So if you don’t like it now, you won’t love it then. And asking them to stop would be like asking you to give up your favorite thing in the world, and that’s just not fair.

Luckily for me, I love my gamer’s love for his hobby just as much as I love him. I would marry him, and his gamer ways, a thousand times over.


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