Fall, Fall, Fall!!

Guess what today is!!! That’s right blogosphere, it’s the first day of FALL!!! I love fall. It may not feel like fall out today, but it sure is officially here! For all of you that care, here is why fall just grabs me in. I love the crisp morning air when you think you need to bundle up in your cute boots and cozy scarf, but be sure to layer because by lunch time you’re going to need to shed a layer or two. But that only lasts a short while. Then you get to add MORE layers to the mix! And keep them on! I don’t know why, but I like my fall/winter wardrobe more than what I have for summer. Or, maybe it’s because I can go longer without shaving my legs. Who really knows? When you keep them legs covered day in and day out there is no need to shave every other day! Also, first day of fall means all my favorite holidays are just around the corner. I love the holidays!


I started this morning like I do every Saturday morning, on the porch with this old lady (my grand-mother) and her pup drinking coffee and soaking up the wonderful morning. How did you start your morning today?

Just a little recap, since it’s been a few weeks since I posted anything, The Gamer and I are in extreme save money mode. No fun, right? WRONG! I love saving money!! I like to find new ways to cut bills down and getting The Gamer on board just excited me more and more. Plus, saving money means going out less so I get to stay home with the pup-a-lups and read or catch up on my favorite shows. And I don’t know about y’all, but going out gives me anxiety sometimes. Like, I make plans a week in advance thinking it sounds fun, but then the day it comes I just don’t really want to go. So, right now I don’t have to. And why are we trying to save money you ask? Well, we’re going to build a house! That’s right, we’ve decided to build!! The Gamer drew us out a floor plan and we found a contractor and we should be breaking ground next month. Talk about excited!

I’m still going to be living next to my granny, but we’re building our new house just on the other side of our current house. So we get to see the progress every single day! This will so become a post too. I’ll be talking about our house so much you’ll either be screaming at me to shut up or you’ll be begging us to build you a house too. But the blogs will keep coming!

Other new thing is I’m back on Weight Watchers! (This will also be becoming a blog update) I made lifetime earlier this year, but then just gave up on it. So after coming across half of those pesky little pounds I chased off, I decided I needed to get back on track. And boy am I ever glad I did! I also found a woman on Istagram that puts my meal planning and point counting to shame. To shame I tell you! Anyone interested in seeing what I mean can find her here, and let me just say you need to check her out, even if you’re not into weight watchers but just want to eat better/healthier. I think she has seriously put a spark in my determination to get this weight back off.

So, that’s it for me for now. Get out and enjoy your first day of fall. And, Happy Fall Y’all. See you next time!


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