10 Facts About Me (Tagged By Stacey)

Hello everyone! Been a couple of weeks since I published new content and thought this wonderful tag from the amazing Stacey would be a great way to get something out there. Now, I did a little Fun Fact Friday thing last month that you can read here and here, that will have some facts about me. But I’m going to try my best not to repeat anything from those and give you 10 new facts about me! So here we go!


  1. Anywhere my husband is, is my favorite place to be. Sounds corny, I know, but he is really my best friend and I love spending time with him.
  2. Fall is truly my favorite time of the year. I love the crisp cool air and the color changing on the trees. And football!
  3. Every Saturday and Sunday morning I sit on the front porch of my grandmothers house drinking coffee with her. We either spend two hours talking about everything or sitting in silence and enjoy watching the day start and come alive. I live for these weekend morning.
  4. Starting every September 1st I start a countdown to Halloween, Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Year and my birthday. In that order. They’re my favorite holidays.
  5. I like to sit and read with a glass of wine. Especially if it’s a sad or juicy book. Somethings just need a glass of wine. It’s like sitting and listening to your favorite bit of gossip from a best friend.
  6. Speaking of best friends, I have had the same best friend since the 1st day of Kindergarten. Jessica was sitting there crying about being left by her sitter, who asked me to sit with her while she went to the restroom and never came back until after school was finished for the day, and I’ve been stuck with her since. But she has been a god-send to me over the last 26-ish years.
  7. My husband reignited a love for Baseball in me and we have to go to Atlanta every year at least once to watch the Braves play. I’m obsessed with Ender!
  8. I love to write. Sometimes it’s my only way of getting out of head so I don’t worry over all the little things in life.
  9. The Gamer and I are building a house! Well, hopefully. We still need the finally say from the bank, but I think we’re good there, and then we break ground on our forever home. Which The Gamer drew out!! How cool will it be to live in a house that he designed for us?!
  10. I actually find it really hard to talk about myself. I feel like I’m either being boastful, which makes me fell uneasy, or I come off as depressing, which also makes me feel like I’m looking for pity.

There you have it everyone! 10 facts about me! I’m going to tag Alley to do this as well as anyone reading who wants to take part! It’s fun, so please go out there and make a post too! If you do, tag me or send me your link so I can read your facts!


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