What Weekends Are For

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to the weekend every Sunday night when I go to bed. I know you shouldn’t wish your life away but I also wish I could be retired at 30 something. I love my weekends. The Gamer and I spend our weekends pretty busy sometimes but we also get to relax a lot.

We have a sort of unspoken rule that if we are busy on Saturday we leave Sunday free for relaxing or doing whatever we want to do, or if we’re lazy on Saturday we spend Sunday getting ready for the week. Either way, I know I spend both mornings chatting it up with granny. She’s a hot mess at times but she always has coffee waiting on me.

This week at work a friend of ours was selling homemade cinnamon rolls so we of course had to support a local baker, right. A couple of them even managed to make it home with me. They were amazing! A little heat up in the microwave and it was oh so yummy for my tummy. Not a bad start to a Saturday morning, if I may say so.

After this The Gamer and I decided to take our pups to the vet to get weighed (we have been curious if the biggun had hit 100 lbs yet), then take them out to do some shopping at the pet store and tire them out. Biggun is only 96.5 lbs. Crazy! I thought he had to be at least 105 by now. They had the BEST time out meeting new people and getting compliments on how pretty and sweet they are. They are pretty amazing.

They love car rides. As soon as we put their harnesses on, they’re so excited they can’t hardly stand it. Biggun is getting so good about waiting his turn to get in the truck. He used to about rip my arm off trying to get in, but yesterday he sat as patiently as he could until I released him and in the truck he went.

After their time out in town we took them home and then headed back out for our weekly grocery run. The Gamer bought me sushi, cause it’s my favorite and I was hungry, and back home we went. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing. And today, that’s all we have to to do… relax! That’s what weekends are made for! To recharge and get yourself set up for the week to come. We have exciting things happening this week and I can’t wait to share it all. But first, relax.

What do you do with your weekends or days off work? What helps you reset your mind and body for the new work week to start?


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