Fall is coming y’all!

So here it is, September 2, 2018. Where has this year gone?! I feel like time has slipped away from me, but it’s officially my favorite time of year. Yes, I do know Fall is not officially here until the 22nd, but I start getting super excited as soon as September starts. I love Fall for everything it is. Crisp cool mornings, hot coffee, football games, and of course the holidays. I start a countdown to all the holidays starting in September.

Vacation – 48 days
Halloween – 59 days
Thanksgiving – 81 days
Our Wedding Anniversary – 83 days (side note: we got married the day after Thanksgiving last year. So it just might be my favorite holiday now).
Christmas – 114 days
New Years Eve – 120 days
My birthday (oh yes, it’s a holiday!) – 159 days

I love lists and countdowns. I’m not sure why but lists make me feel good, feel organized.

So anyway, I have decided to set myself some September goals. I think everyone needs goals. Even if you don’t meet those goals completely, it gives you something to strive towards, to work for. Here are my September goals, both personal and for my blog.

Blog Goals:

More Content: I want to create more content this month. Not every day, as that will feel overwhelming and I’m sure to give up, but at least twice a week.

Create a schedule: I want to make sure there is a set schedule for my blogs. I want to know that people can count on a new blog being pushed out in routine.

Manage Social Media: I need to learn how to manage my social media better. This is what gave me a headache before and almost caused me to give up. I need to find all the sweet apps that everyone is using to make their promoting easier. Feel free to leave a comment below about what helps you.

Personal Goals:

Stress Less: I’m so weird. I stress about things that don’t even need stressing over. Like things that haven’t even happened yet but I’m worried about anyway. And let me tell you, The Gamer hates it! Funny thing, the things I “should” stress about doesn’t bother me.

Career: I want to learn to enjoy my job again, or find a job that I enjoy. My job has been lacking a lot of things in the last year and is one of the main things I stress about… This might be a blog post this month??

Self Care: I want to take care of myself more. I’ve been wanting to start doing yoga for months on end now and every day I find a reason it doesn’t fit into my day. I’m going to make it fit into my day. I think it would help with a lot of tension in my life.

House: The Gamer and I are wanting to build a house. YAY!! We are hoping to get the ball rolling on this any day now. We’re just waiting to hear back from our contractor with a floor plan. But once we have this, we will be rolling full steam ahead. Also a blog here?? Look at me coming up with content ideas!!

So, these are my goals for the month. What are yours?


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