Don’t Quit!

So, last week I decided to quit my blog and delete it. I know, CRAZY!! But I found that I wasn’t enjoying it like I thought I would. It felt like I needed to be online constantly promoting myself, constantly engaging with others, and not to mention building up my followers. It was so overwhelming.

All that said, I couldn’t bring myself to hit that delete button. I felt like I was going to be deleting a part of myself. Why though? I haven’t published much. I don’t feel like I’ve said anything so far that has impacted anyone. But it was my writing. It was my words and they have impacted me! And that’s why I started all of this in the first place. For me. Not for anyone else, sorry not even for you. I started blogging to have an outlet for myself, and if it somehow turned itself into a business one day, then great. If not, oh well.

I was so busy comparing myself to everything else I was seeing on twitter and Instagram that I very quickly lost sight of why I did this in the first place. So moral of my story here, don’t quit. Keep doing what you enjoy and don’t compare yourself to anyone! Everyone arrives at there goal at different paces. If you dont have time to do all the promoting you want, try planning ahead a little with scheduled tweets so that it’s doing it for you while you do whatever else you want. Because let’s face it, you can’t have a life to blog about if you’re stuck on the internet trying to build up your brand.

Never give up! That is all.


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