Destress at Work!

If you’re anything like me, work can stress you out. I don’t care how much you love your job, everyone has days where you just wish you could get away. Maybe it’s that all too chatty co-worker who doesn’t seem to know personal space or just work piling up so quick that you think you’re going to drown. No matter what you has you ready to pull out your hair, there are some easy and effective ways to destress.

1. Breathing exercises. A lot of smartwatches now have a breathing reminder on them. No, you haven’t stopped breathing and your watch caught on to, nor is it afraid you forgot how. It’s there to tell you every so often that you need to take a break and do a quick deep breathing exercise. I love this, it helps clear my head. Also, when you’re going hard at it all day, sometimes all you need is a minute to yourself.

2. Stretching. Just like breathing exercises, stretching can really help your mind, not to mention your body. I’m not saying get down in the floor with your legs stretched or even do your daily yoga session right there in the middle of the office. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in our work that we don’t realize we haven’t stood up from our desks in 3 hours. And all that slumped over in front of a computer and paperwork isn’t great for the shoulders and neck. So, scootch yourself up the end of your seat, grab the bottom of the back of your chair and stretch your back as you lean forward. Stretch out your arms and neck as well.

3. Speaking of not getting out of that office chair for a few hours, get up and go for a walk. Whether it just be the long way to bathroom or going outside to walk around the building, a quick walk is good for your body. And it gives you a few minutes to yourself, to think about something other than work. Not to mention you might shed a few pounds from all the extra walking you’re getting.

4. Go to lunch with a friend. Yes, I know this is not actually at work, but everybody has to eat and your lunch break is a great time to unwind as well. I know if I eat my lunch at work, I’m still thinking about work. Not to mention I’ll probably go back to work early because once I’m done eating what else will I do? But if you plan a lunch with a friend then you have a set time you need to stop working to meet them and you can talk about anything you want, not just work stuff! And you’re more likely to use your entire break because you’re having a great time.

5. Listen to music. We all have a certain playlist or artist that really pumps up our mood. If your jobs allows it, put in those earbuds and crank up your favorite tunes. Not only does this help me drown out the commotion around me, but it also helps me concentrate on my work a little better. It also seems to help the day go by faster. You can also listen to an audiobook, I do this a LOT. I get so into the book that time just flies away.

What do you do to help destress at work? I’d love to hear more ideas from you. Like and comment below with your favorite go-to’s.


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