Do you really want to marry a gamer?

I want to start by saying not every gamer is the same and therefore not every life of a gamer's wife is the same. Some get ignored constantly because their husbands do nothing but game as soon as they get home from work, assuming they have a job. Because not all gamers do. Some play… Continue reading Do you really want to marry a gamer?

Fall, Fall, Fall!!

Guess what today is!!! That's right blogosphere, it's the first day of FALL!!! I love fall. It may not feel like fall out today, but it sure is officially here! For all of you that care, here is why fall just grabs me in. I love the crisp morning air when you think you need… Continue reading Fall, Fall, Fall!!

10 Facts About Me (Tagged By Stacey)

Hello everyone! Been a couple of weeks since I published new content and thought this wonderful tag from the amazing Stacey would be a great way to get something out there. Now, I did a little Fun Fact Friday thing last month that you can read here and here, that will have some facts about me. But I'm… Continue reading 10 Facts About Me (Tagged By Stacey)

Fall is coming y’all!

So here it is, September 2, 2018. Where has this year gone?! I feel like time has slipped away from me, but it's officially my favorite time of year. Yes, I do know Fall is not officially here until the 22nd, but I start getting super excited as soon as September starts. I love Fall… Continue reading Fall is coming y’all!